Low Pressure Sewer

        Alpha Fiberglass Pump Tanks are now available for use in
        low pressure sewer systems or individual installation that
        require elevated drainfields.

  • The Low Pressure System consists of an interceptor
    tank with a pump chamber insert housing and a small
    pump which removes water from the tank through a
    small diameter pressure line to a treatment plant or
    drainfield for final disposal.

  • All pumping equipment is inside the primary tank,
    eliminating the need for a secondary tank and hookups
    or on-site drainfields. This pump system can be used in
    any tank size we produce ... 900 gallon to 5800 gallon capacity.



                  Septic Tank Effluent Pumping

           Sewage is first pretreated in a septic tank and then a pump
          forces the liquid through small diameter lines to a conventional
          gravity sewer or to a neighborhood treatment plant. The
          community usually owns and operates shared pumping units.
          Central management is required.
step.jpg (43744 bytes)
            Alpha 900 Gallon Pump Tank with Pump Chamber Insert
                                ( This Drawing is not to scale )
                  Step Tank With Pump Chamber Insert