The Time Line For Alpha Septic Industries, Inc. and the Florida Septic Association.

In the early months of 1973, Paul Poore, president of AGS and ASI saw a need for a statewide association to represent all onsite septic system contractors. At that time there was no such organization nationwide.
    After six months of letters, surveys, statewide travel and meetings, The
Florida Septic Tank Association was formed in July of 1973.
    This organization, through the efforts of the charter board of directors and members started the greatest effort the state of Florida had ever experienced to protect our environment through education and improved onsite waste disposal systems.
    Over the past twenty-five years. Paul Poore has endeavored to bring about improved products relating to waste treatment and disposal systems that protect our most  precious natural resource - clean water.
    Alpha General designs, prototypes, and manufactures all types and sizes of fiberglass products, along with a wide range of electrical control panels.