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Alpha manufactures fiberglass septic tanks, lift stations, pump chambers, valve boxes, manway risers, control panels and pumps. Alpha also provides fiberglass products for low pressure sewer systems.

(All Alpha General products meet of exceed manufacturing standards in compiance with ASTM D 638-98 and D 790-98.)

TANKS    The Alpha Fiberglass Tank is the superior design for underground installation. Basically round with ribs, the Tank is stress engineered and patterned after fiberglass petroleum storage tanks that have been used so successfully for over fourty years.

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    STRONG                                      STACKABLE  


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LOW PRESSURE SEWER SYSTEMS   Alpha currently supplies most of the low pressure systems in Florida. Information and design data available on the installation and operations of the projects now in place..

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         Pump Chamber Inserts                              Low Pressure Line Install

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PUMP CHAMBER INSERTS : Alpha pioneered the pump chamber insert over 15 years ago. Alpha currently has low pressure installations using pump chamber inserts that have been in operation for that same period of time. The pump chamber insert can be used with our fiberglass tanks

LIFT STATIONS : Alpha also manufactures a wide range of lift staions. We carry a standard line of typical lift stations and external pump chambers as well as custom stations built to the customers specifications.

MANWAY RISERS : In order to supply our accounts with a complete package we also manufacture any manway riser that the job may require.

CONTROL SYSTEMS :  Alpha manufactures a varied line of controls to accomodate any of your pumping needs . Alpha has aquired the UL 508 certification to garantee the quality that our customers demand.



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