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What is septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) system? Basically, it
involves the use of a modified septic tank, called an interceptor tank.
The overflow from the tank is automatically pumped through small
diameter lines to a treatment facility or adjacent gravity sewer.
The ALPHA STEP pressure sewer system offers a number of
advantages over conventional gravity sewers in slow growth
areas, large lot subdivisions, high water table areas and many
other instances.

Another important advantage of the Alpha system is the outlay
of front end moneys. By untilizing STEP the cost is considerably reduced.
This is accomplished because:

  • Plant size is reduced by approximately 50%.

  • The need for expensive lift stations is reduced or eliminated.

  • Main Line construction costs are considerably less than for conventional
    gravity sewers.

  • The pressure sewer can be built as the development progresses.

  • The tank/pump unit is not installed until a house is nearly completed,
    allowing for a financial recovery.

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